Atlas Coatings, Inc.


One of the many projects that we are proud of was the Rivertower at South Bluff renovation.  We cut out, re-caulked, refinished balcony decks and coated the building with a silicone based elastomeric coating to recreate a waterproof envelope.  The aging building had it's share of leaks and moisture problems. 
Another project we were fortunate to be a part of was Riviana Foods in Memphis.  This warehouse is a food producing facility.  What this means to us is specialty coatings on ceiling decks, structural steal, and walls in certain areas.  Also part of this project was the large amount of caulking.  Any space or void that you could slide a credit card into in the manufacturing part of the facility had to be caulked. 
                 The Triad Centre and parking garage is another project that shows our versatility.  On this particular project we painted the exterior of the parking garage, caulked and sealed the exterior of the building, and did some sandblasting on the walk ways.  We believe that by offering many services instead of just one we make ourselves that much more valuable to our customers.
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